Is White Chocolate Real Chocolate

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Is white chocolate real chocolate - what is white chocolate when people claim that white chocolate isn t real chocolate they fail to realize that white chocolate has cocoa butter which es to many people white chocolate is a lesser chocolate its sweetness is almost cloying and it doesn t have the rich nuanced flavor that dark and milk chocolate have this white chocolate mocha latte will totally keep your insides warm too it s rich creamy sweet but not overly and perfect for enjoying on a chilly fall morning or evening for that matter white chocolate is a big fat lie it isn t chocolate it isn t even facebook friends with real chocolate it isn t even a linkedin 3rd connection with real chocolate white chocolate orange creamsicle truffles perfectly fit for summer a tasty no bake dessert which simply melts in your mouth it s almost a year since i tried the recipe for white chocolate lemon truffles and really they were a big hit.

we tasted real white chocolate alongside fake supermarket brands to determine if the real deal was worth tracking down though it doesn t look like chocolate white chocolate is indeed a product of the cocoa bean real white chocolate is ivory colored rather than pure white some people love it and others leave it yes it s white chocolate that controversial melange of cocoa butter sugar and milk more on that later 1 it is actually real chocolate people love pointing out it s fake chocolate which is actually only partly true white chocolate isn t just a processed fake version of chocolate it s a white chocolate doesn t qualify as genuine chocolate because it doesn t contain chocolate solids a k a cocoa powder white chocolate is typically made from a blend of cocoa butter milk solids sugar milk fat and lecithin a fatty emulsifier that holds it all together