Sitting At A Desk All Day

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Sitting at a desk all day - if you have a desk job chances are you re sitting in your chair for 8 hours each day when you get up every now and then maybe you notice your tush is a little sore and your hip flexors a home gt chronic pain gt desk jockey desk jockey what sitting all day is doing to your body the cause a lot of people s musculoskeletal problems can be attributed to the fact that they sit down for 16 hours a day maybe sitting all day at my desk job on the puter isn t such a great idea after all i can still remember as a child how much i disliked having to sit at a desk for hours at a time now scientific research is confirming what most children already know sitting in a chair all day is a bad idea this is your body on sitting it s not entirely our fault as we moved from an active agricultural lifestyle to one of offices and automated transport every aspect of our day from our meals we all know that sitting.

for an extended period of time isn t good for your health but unfortunately roughly 80 percent of jobs are now considered sedentary and many involve sitting most of the day if you sit all day you need this workout these six moves will help you stretch and strengthen for better posture if you spend most of the day sitting most of us have a routine when it es to our jobs we go to meetings check emails and have around five cups of coffee in the span of seven to eight hours to get our work done when you don t get enough activity and instead sit around all day your muscles are at rest and this can take a big toll on your health your body was made to move and be active so if you re spending the majority of your time at a desk or lazing around on the couch you ll see the effects